When the king asks for a higgledy piggledy pie for his supper the royal chefs are thrown into a spin, especially when they find the cupboard is bare!
The chefs are helped by their vegetapals to collect the special nursery rhyme ingredients.
How many rhymes will it take to make a higgledy piggledy pie, and will it be ready before the dish runs away with the spoon?
Popular rhymes are brought to life using fruit, veg, and a variety of kitchen objects. The royal chefs show that playing with your food is not always a bad idea.
The show features puppets made from vegetables, original music, clowning and a very large pie.

"The characters, props and scenery are wonderful creations, no wonder you win awards" - Mark Bedlam
"Brilliant!" - Tom Falding, Faldings Fandangoes
"Great show! The children have been telling everyone about Stunty Dumpty" - a mum