Noisy Oyster's walkabout acts
The Meanderthals
Two fantasy walkabout characters carry their enormous loads humming to themselves. Their roving, blinking eyes view the passers by with interest, and occasionally they issue a gigantic sneeze. When they slow to a halt they are spurred on by the little disgruntled passengers stowed away in the luggage.
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Xmas Meanderthals
The Xmas Meanderthals are the latest addition to the Noisy Oyster stable. Two over-sized elves, each carrying an enormous box of presents, are in search of Santa. Two cheeky elves riding in the boxes chat with passers by, asking for directions, discussing shopping, christmas jumpers and singing christmas songs.
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Lady Lucinda
Noisy Oyster are pleased to announce their association with Lady Lucinda Harrington-Carrington, a distinguished guest at any event. Lady Lucinda mingles and mumbles her way through the public accompanied by her ever vigilant bodyguards.

"The last person I saw with legs like that was Shari Lewis but yours are posher!" - Paul Daniels

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