Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls ... the Circus has come to town! Come and be amazed by aerial acrobatics on the flying trapeze, spectacular cycling stunts, trampolining ups and downs, and laugh at the antics of the cheeky clowns, one of whom takes the joke that bit too far - with disastrous consequences! The DaSilva marionette circus troupe has been delighting audiences of all ages, around the world, for almost half a century. Each of the one third life-size marionettes has been individually crafted to perform its own feat of dazzling dexterity, on the big top stage. This traditional family show, now in its second generation, has been brought right up to date with all the thrills and spills of a real-life circus. Originally constructed by Ray and Joan DaSilva founders of Norwich Puppet Theatre the show has been resurrected by their son Nik Palmer, an award winning puppeteer, and Sarah Rowland-Barker, former circus performer with Snapdragon and No Fit State Circus. This 45 minute show uses no less than 18 beautifully crafted trick marionettes and integrates the puppeteers into the circus performance, creating a buoyant and memorable piece of theatre for all ages.

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"One of the best children's shows I've seen!" - Claudia Berry, General Manager, Merlin Theatre
"Great puppets! The timings were spot on, and the children really enjoyed the circus. Very much at their level! A fun afternoon enjoyed by all!" - Marina Stewart, teacher
"Seeing old puppets trapped in glass cages in museums can be a dispiriting business, with all the life gone from them and little to show for their performing past. How much better it is then, to give them a second lease of life by creating a new show in tune with present-day needs. And that is what Noisy Oyster has done by offering a new version of the classic DaSilva circus marionette show. Using the original puppets, which date from the 1960s and 1970s, Nik Palmer and Sarah have created a show which celebrates the past but engages present-day audiences. It's quite unusual these days to see a marionette show, especially one as well-manipulated as this one, touring to small arts centres; and it's all the more welcome when it's a return to performing life for a group of historic and well-travelled puppets." - Chris Abbott for Puppeteers UK